Miki Moreno for School Board

Miki Moreno
for School Board!



Thank you for visiting my website. As a classroom teacher in Montebello schools for over twenty years, I am fed up with the waste and abuse in our school district created by the politicians on the school board. I’m a teacher, not a politician. As your Board Member, I will end the corruption and put students first.
If this is your first visit to this site, please make sure that you visit the issues page to read a copy of the 2017 Montebello Unified State Audit.  


I am proud to be endorsed by the 1,300 classroom teachers of the Montebello Unified School District!

Miki is a caring compassionate person. She brings a multitude of ideas into whatever situation may need attention. I worked with her as an assistant and learned more than enough to become a special education teacher with her guidance and support.
— Patricia Banda, former MUSD special ed teacher
I had the pleasure of working with Miki for 14 years. We worked together to create a school-wide recycling program. For several years, she brought her students with special needs into my Language Arts & Social Studies classes to collaborate on lessons. She was engaged & respectful of all students and added depth and a unique perspective to our lessons. Miki is a passionate advocate for all students. She is not afraid to speak up for what she feels is right and cannot be bullied or coerced into silence. Miki is a strong supporter of unions, of the community, of students & of teachers.
— Kathy Tolleson, Teacher
I believe Miki will fight for our MUSD students, these kids have been neglected for to long! She will make sure there is transparency within the district at all levels and stop the wasteful spending. Our kids deserve better, our district deserves better.
— Nealisha Byrd, Teacher
Miki is a strong, compassionate leader in public education. She puts students first and protects their right to a quality education. She speaks the truth and works hard, just as she did from the beginning of her career. I trust Miki with our schools in Montebello Unified.
— Lisa Quemada, Teacher Montebello Unified School District
I worked with her for 20 plus years and she cares about her community and is a union supporter who cares about workers’ rights.
— Heather Mendelson, School Psychologist
Miki is a straight forward person who knows the needs of Montebello students.
— Brenda Rodriguez, Teacher
Miki is the heart and voice needed for our students and our schools. She is a strong advocate for all students to have equal access and opportunities. Miki puts in the effort to find out all the available facts and information before she voices her thoughts. She stands up for what she believes in and does not back down. Miki is the logical voice needed to bring the focus to our students and our schools.
— Sharon McGregor, Teacher
Miki is very passionate and will stand up for what is best for the students at Montebello Unified. We need someone like Miki on the school board because she will fight our students. Her experience as a special education teacher and her background makes her the best choice to turn our district around!
— Sophia Tai, Special Education Teacher